Kromekote Jade Paper and Envelopes

Kromekote® Collection SwatchbookThe luster of each of the four embossed surfaces appeals to the eye and the hand. Combine great design with any one of these extraordinary mica coated textures and watch as standard inks ignite and images leap from the page. The unique finish of Kromekote Jade was developed for optimal offset printing production and is also suitable for laser and toner applications.

Available in Text, Cover and Envelopes, Kromekote Jade is Elemental Chlorine Free, Lignin Free, Acid Free, and Recyclable.

For more information contact CTI Paper USA or your local paper merchant.

Kromekote Jade is your best choice for Mica Coated Embossed Papers and Envelopes

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  1. JadeBrush

    Kromekote Jade Brush - A2 Envelope 74 lb

  2. JadeBrush

    Kromekote Jade Brush - A6 Envelope 74 lb

  3. JadeBrush

    Kromekote Jade Brush - A7 Envelope 74 lb

  4. JadeBrush

    Kromekote Jade Brush - 6.5 SQ Envelope 74 lb

  5. JadePinweave

    Kromekote Jade Pinweave - A2 Envelope 74 lb

  6. JadePinweave

    Kromekote Jade Pinweave - A6 Envelope 74 lb

  7. JadePinweave

    Kromekote Jade Pinweave - A7 Envelope 74 lb

  8. JadePinweave

    Kromekote Jade Pinweave - 6.5 SQ Envelope 74 lb

  9. JadeLinen

    Kromekote Jade Linen - A2 Envelope 74 lb

  10. JadeLinen

    Kromekote Jade Linen - A6 Envelope 74 lb

  11. JadeLinen

    Kromekote Jade Linen - A7 Envelope 74 lb

  12. JadeLinen

    Kromekote Jade Linen - 6.5 SQ Envelope 74 lb

  13. JadeWave

    Kromekote Jade Wave - A2 Envelope 74 lb

  14. JadeWave

    Kromekote Jade Wave - A7 Envelope 74 lb

  15. JadeWave

    Kromekote Jade Wave - 6.5 SQ Envelope 74 lb

15 Item(s)

per page

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