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Our Commitment to the Environment

We believe we all must commit to improving and maintaining the health of our planet. As part of our commitment, CTI Paper USA supports the development of alternative energy by using 100% wind power for our electricity needs. We are also proud to be Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Chain of Custody (CoC) certified, offering you paper and envelope products that meet the high standards of forest management set forth by the FSC. In addition, we continue to look for ways to manufacture more eco-friendly products, including offering carbon neutral brands and recycled items.

Eco Certifications / Attributes

 EPA Green Power Partnership

Renewable wind energy

CTI Paper USA offsets 100% of its electricity use with wind power through the purchase of wind certificates.

Here's how our use of renewable energy helps.

FSC certification CTI Paper USA

Rainforest Alliance Smartwood

FSC Paper:
Glama Natural,
ASPIRE Petallics, Currency, Glama Kraft, Kromekote, Durilla

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification

CTI Paper USA is an FSC Chain of Custody (CoC) certificate holder, certified by the Rainforest Alliance Smartwood program as meeting the FSC CoC requirements.

The FSC logo identifies products which contain wood fiber from well-managed forests where people, wildlife and the environment benefit from the forestry practices.

Through its rigorous forest certification standards and Chain of Custody (CoC) auditing procedures, FSC tracks paper from the forest to your final project. Rest assured that paper marked with the FSC logo was sourced from forests in compliance with all applicable laws and international treaties.


Recycle Logo


Using recycled paper helps reduce landfills, saves trees and protects our watersheds.

Glama Natural Recycled is manufactured with 30% post consumer waste (PCW) in 24 lb. and 36 lb.

Select ASPIRE Petallics items are 30% PCW recycled.

Ruche papers in Black, Blue, Natural, Black/Natural are made from 100% recycled post-industrial waste. Ruche papers in White, Cream, Grey, White/Black, White/Natural are made from 80% post-industrial waste.  

When printing on these recycled papers, you may print the recycled logo directly onto your project, within logo usage guidelines.


Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral

ASPIRE Petallics are carbon neutral. CTI Paper USA has committed to reduce Greenhouse gas emissions by offsetting 100% of the emissions associated with the manufacturing of these brands. When printing on ASPIRE Petallics, you may print CTI's carbon neutral logo directly onto your project.